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Alleged nooses in Illinois workplace could be discriminatory

People in Illinois may think that racial discrimination in the workplace is a thing of the past, something that was overcome during the civil rights movement. However, instances of racial discrimination still occur in the workplace, even in this day and age. In fact, one alleged instance of racial discrimination recently took place in a UPS shipping facility in Illinois.

What are some common misconceptions about sexual harassment?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes sexual harassment in the workplace illegal. This law applies to employers who have at least 15 workers. While many people in Illinois may acknowledge that sexual harassment is still a problem that must be addressed, there are some misconceptions about sexual harassment that deserve clarification.

Former officer's sex discrimination claim settled

These days it is possible for women in Illinois to obtain jobs in sectors that previously were, and sometimes still are, predominantly held by men. Unfortunately, sometimes a workplace has a culture of discrimination against women, even if a woman is just as qualified for the job as a man is. This may be the case for a former police sergeant who claimed she was let go from her job and defamed after allegedly being discriminated against due to her gender. Her lawsuit was recently settled for $81,000.

Change in perspective on workers could lead to age discrimination

Sometimes a person in Belleville can spend years or even decades at a company only to find the company is "downsizing" and has laid them off. Especially if the person is an older worker, they may find that it is hard to obtain a new job following such a layoff. When hiring workers some companies advertise that they are looking for people with "adaptability." However, this can be interpreted as they are looking for younger workers, and may even constitute age discrimination.

What protections do whistleblowers have under Illinois law?

We would like to think that the people we work for are ethical and will always do the right thing, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Sometimes employers in Illinois engage in conduct that breaks the law. When that happens, an employee might want to stand up for what's right, and report their employer's illegal conduct to the appropriate government authorities. However, the "whistleblower" may fear their employer would retaliate against them if they found out that the whistleblower was the one who reported the illegal conduct. Fortunately, Illinois law protects employees in these situations.

Class accuses Wells Fargo of failing its own diversity scorecard

According to a recent class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo, the company "maintains a diversity scorecard which it uses to control hiring demographics via a quota system." Quota systems are of dubious legality at best, and the class claims the system isn't working.

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