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January 2018 Archives

What is a reasonable accommodation under the ADA?

Whether a person is born with a disability or becomes disabled due to an illness or injury later in life, this doesn't mean that the person is totally unable to work. Many of these people want to work, in order to earn a living and contribute to society. Therefore, under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), employers in Illinois and nationwide must make the reasonable accommodations necessary for a disabled worker to do their job, unless such accommodations would place an undue hardship on the employer.

Three injured in auto accident near area middle school

For any parents in Belleville who have to drive their children to and from school, the drop-off and pick-up time can be a real hassle, with many drivers trying to either enter or exit the school parking lot, and other drivers simply trying to drive through school zones and onto their destinations. Especially since children are present at schools, it is very important that all drivers in school zones drive with due care. The failure to do so could cause an auto accident.

Helping workers stand up for their rights

While sometimes workplace drama amounts to mere gossip around the water cooler, other times a person in Illinois finds themselves in a more serious situation.They may have been discriminated against in the workplace, they may have been wrongfully terminated or they may have been sexually harassed at work leading to a hostile work environment. While sometimes employers will address these injustices, other times an employer will turn a blind-eye or will even intentionally commit unlawful acts against the employee.

Cheerleading coach alleges sex discrimination, retaliation

Playing a high school sport can teach students teamwork, diligence and respect. Unfortunately, sometimes coaching a high school sport can present difficulties. For example, an Illinois high school cheerleading coach who was fired from her job is claiming that her termination was retaliatory. She also alleges that she was the victim of sexual discrimination in the workplace.

These winter driving tips could help keep you safe

As a driver in the state of Illinois, you know that the weather can turn on you when you least expect it. One second, it's cold outside but the weather isn't having any impact on your driving. The next, however, snow begins to fall and you find yourself worried about your safety.

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