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Helping workers stand up for their rights

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Employment Law |

While sometimes workplace drama amounts to mere gossip around the water cooler, other times a person in Illinois finds themselves in a more serious situation.They may have been discriminated against in the workplace, they may have been wrongfully terminated or they may have been sexually harassed at work leading to a hostile work environment. While sometimes employers will address these injustices, other times an employer will turn a blind-eye or will even intentionally commit unlawful acts against the employee.

When this happens, an employee may need to seek legal help. Employees can seek help for a variety of employment law issues. Some of these issues include: breach of an employment contract; wrongful termination for “blowing the whistle” on an employer’s unlawful acts; improper job discrimination; violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act; and more.

At our firm, we understand how intimidating it can be for a worker to stand up to their employer. We advocate for our clients’ interests when their employers have treated themwrongfully. Sometimes people in such situations want to be reinstated to their former position. Other times they want to pursue damages. We assist workers in these endeavors, so that a fair and appropriate resolution can be met. Ultimately, workers should know that they have rights in the workplace, and if those rights are violated they may have legal options.

All workers deserve to be treated fairly by their employers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. If a worker believes their employer has committed an unlawful act against them, there are steps they can take to rectify the situation and hold their employer accountable.