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Three injured in auto accident near area middle school

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Personal Injury |

For any parents in Belleville who have to drive their children to and from school, the drop-off and pick-up time can be a real hassle, with many drivers trying to either enter or exit the school parking lot, and other drivers simply trying to drive through school zones and onto their destinations. Especially since children are present at schools, it is very important that all drivers in school zones drive with due care. The failure to do so could cause an auto accident.

For example, three individuals were hospitalized recently following a three-vehicle collision in Columbia. The crash took place at an intersection in front of an area middle school. A motorist, age 71, was traveling due south on Illinois 3 when he tried to make a left-hand turn into the school parking lot. Another motorist, age 16, who was travelling northbound, collided with the first motorist’s vehicle as he tried to turn left. A third motorist, age 52, who was driving behind the 16-year-old motorist, collided into the crashed vehicles.

The 52-year-old motorist and the 16-year-old motorist reported that the traffic signal was green for them when the incident occurred. A passenger in the 71-year-old’s vehicle and the 52-year-old motorist were transported to an area hospital. The 16-year-old motorist was also hospitalized following the crash. Fortunately, all three individuals were not critically injured. Police have stated that the 71-year-old man was at fault in the crash.

As this shows, it is important for all drivers to drive with due care in school zones. Unfortunately, it is possible to be involved in a car crash in a school zone that is not your fault. These collisions can cause serious injuries, so it is important to have an understanding of what one’s options are following a crash.

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