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February 2018 Archives

Personal injury attorneys can assist with car crash claims

Car accidents can happen in a split-second. One moment a person in Illinois is stopped at a red light, or is safely driving on the freeway when suddenly they have been struck by another driver. When this happens, victims may be injured or could even lose their life.

What is unlawful workplace retaliation?

Employees in Illinois deserve to feel that their job is secure if they stand up to unlawful activities in the workplace. It is against federal law for a job applicant or an employee to be retaliated against for standing up for their protected rights in the workplace. Such rights include freedom from discrimination and harassment.

Metro-east area saw over 180 car crashes in January

Winter weather in Illinois may make driving hazardous, but even in the best of weather conditions auto accidents can happen. Oftentimes these accidents are due to driver error. In fact, some parts of the state have seen a troubling number of crashes since the beginning of January.

Bills address employee misconduct by state officials

Some people in Illinois who are in a position of power may believe that they are beyond reproach. This could lead them to commit acts that harm other people. When this happens in the workplace, this harm often takes place in the form of harassment or discrimination. This can be true not only in the private sector, but also the public sector. For example, two measures have been proposed at the Illinois statehouse that address harassment and discrimination by politicians and other government employees.

Helping children understand brain injuries

Many people focus on the victim when a traumatic brain injury occurs, but the victim isn't the only person who suffers. Other family members can be impacted by these injuries. It can be hard for some people who have this type of injury to think about how their loved ones are being affected. When children are in the picture, there is often an increased challenge.

Don't wait too long to file a medical malpractice claim

Flu season is peaking in Illinois. People are hearing reports of overcrowded emergency rooms, people suffering from complications such as pneumonia and even of people dying from the flu. Unfortunately, when it comes to any injury or illness, a doctor may misdiagnose it or believe it is not too serious, leading to a worsened condition. Or, a doctor can make a mistake during the scope of treatment that causes a person to suffer further complications. When this happens, patients may want to learn more about pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, they should not wait too long to do so.

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