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June 2018 Archives

Protect your employment rights, livelihood with legal help

Seeking employment can be a hard process for an Illinois resident. After combing through postings about different positions, finding options that match one's qualifications and experience and submitting all of the necessary documentation to show one's fitness of a particular employment role a person may have to wait weeks to find out that they were not selected for a job.

Slip-and-fall accidents are common premises liability incidents

Summer is upon Illinois residents, but not that long ago snow and ice afflicted residents throughout the state. Winter conditions can making walking and driving outdoors a challenge for those who wish to stay safe and to avoid injuries in the slippery wetness. However, winter is not the only time when slips and falls can occur. These accidents are a common way that premises liability claims may arise.

A review of quid pro quo employment harassment

Anyone who has ever entered into a contract knows that generally, both parties must offer some consideration for the benefit of the other party. For example, an Illinois homeowner may agree to sell their house to a buyer in exchange for $500,000. Through the contract the parties agree to exchange money for the house, in essence giving each something in exchange for the other's consideration.

Can an employer fire a worker for being pregnant?

Finding out that a baby is on their way is an exciting moment for most Illinois women. While they may have normal concerns about how they will parent and raise their children, many expectant moms enjoy the process of bringing new lives into the world. However, for some mothers, pregnancy brings with it a real and intimidating fear: the threat of losing one's job.

Surgical errors leave patients with worsened conditions

Doctors perform surgical procedures on their patients to improve their patients' health. Though some procedures are elective many are done to fix significant problems present in the individuals' bodies. Illinois residents go under the knife every day at hospitals and clinics throughout the state, and most people who have surgery emerge from their procedures better than they were before.

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