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A review of quid pro quo employment harassment

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Employment Law |

Anyone who has ever entered into a contract knows that generally, both parties must offer some consideration for the benefit of the other party. For example, an Illinois homeowner may agree to sell their house to a buyer in exchange for $500,000. Through the contract the parties agree to exchange money for the house, in essence giving each something in exchange for the other’s consideration.

In the employment context, an illegal form of “something for something” bargaining is sometimes subjected upon workers by their superiors. Known as quid pro quo harassment, this form of employment persecution involves a supervisor or agent conditioning an employment benefit to an employee upon the employee’s submission to sexual conduct.

It may occur in the form of a promotion, wherein a supervisor predicates the employee’s career advancement upon dating the supervisor. It can also occur in the context of hiring; an applicant for a job may be subjected to quid pro quo harassment if their retention in the job is based upon their acquiescence to the hiring party’s sexual advances.

Any person who has suffered from quid pro quo harassment at work may have claims against their harasser and employer. This post is only an introduction to a detailed subject in employment law and more elements must be met in order for a victim of quid pro quo harassment to prevail on their claims. Consultation with an employment law attorney can help a harassment victim identify their claims and pursue the appropriate legal channels to finding the recovery of their losses.