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Protect your employment rights, livelihood with legal help

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Employment Law |

Seeking employment can be a hard process for an Illinois resident. After combing through postings about different positions, finding options that match one’s qualifications and experience and submitting all of the necessary documentation to show one’s fitness of a particular employment role a person may have to wait weeks to find out that they were not selected for a job.

Over time the process can wear a person down, but if the individual finds that they are not getting considered for jobs because of some personal characteristic, the process can be that much worse. Employers who make hiring decisions based on applicants’ ages, races, genders and other protected classifications are breaking the law and practicing discrimination in the workplace.

The Law Office of Van-Lear P. Eckert is committed to helping men and women who have confronted discrimination in the hiring process and harassment in the workplace. No person should have to take on the illegal practices of others as they struggle to make ends meet and fight for a job they need to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

The firm’s practice is located in Belleville and the attorneys and staff of the firm are available to help employment law clients with diverse needs. From preparing documentation of individuals’ whistleblower statuses to representing them in lawsuits against their prospective employers for discrimination and wrongdoing, the Law Office of Van-Lear P. Eckert is prepared to fight for its employees’ rights clients.

Readers who want more information about the firm may visit it online. Resources regarding employment law topics for employees and applicants may be found there to help them begin understanding their rights as workers.