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Reality star suffers serious injuries in collision with truck

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2018 | Personal Injury |

It seems that more shows on television are reality-based rather than original content. Reality shows are programs that involve non-actors who participate in a variety of activities ranging from everyday tasks to outlandish and sometimes dangerous stunts. While Illinois residents may have their own favorite reality programs they may relate to individuals who participate in such programs due to the non-professional status many such performers embrace.

One reality star who was well-known due to her participation in the program “Blood, Sweat & Heels” is Melyssa Ford. Ford has been out of the spotlight since her program involvement in 2015 but recently was back in the headlines for suffering serious injuries in a truck accident. Ford was driving on a freeway when her vehicle was hit by a large truck.

The truck merged into Ford’s lane and hit one of her back tires. The contact of the truck with her sport utility vehicle caused it to flip multiple times. The accident left Ford with multiple serious injuries including a skull fracture and brain bleeding.

Ford is now recovering and it is unclear if the driver of the truck will face any charges for their actions. This story paints a very dramatic picture of how quickly motor vehicle accidents and especially truck accidents can become dangerous for drivers who must share the roads with others who are negligent. Illinois drivers are encouraged to practice defensive driving when out on local roads and highways but when they become victims of truck and motor vehicle accidents they should remember that they have rights and options under the law.