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When are gyms liable for negligence?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2018 | Firm News |

All premises have the responsibility to do everything that is reasonably within their staffs’ power in order to keep their guests safe. This is true even in certain high-risk environments, such as gyms. While you may be engaging in an activity that has the potential to harm or injure you, the gym staff still must do what they can to prevent injury.

However, not all injuries will be concluded to be the fault of the gym. Sometimes, a person working out in the gym will engage in an activity that is dangerous and they will injure themselves as a result. If the gym staff could not have reasonably foreseen or prevented an incident such as this, it will not be deemed to be the fault of the gym.

What types of accidents could be seen to be the fault of the gym?

Any accident that occurred because of a present hazard or danger that the premises staff knew about or should have known about could be seen as negligence under the law. The following are some examples of situations where the gym may be held liable for an accident or injury.

There is a hazard present that causes injury

If a machine is broken with no warning sign, there is water or glass on the floor, or free weights have been left on the walkway, injuries can occur. Gyms are likely to be held responsible for injuries such as these, since staff should be maintaining the premises appropriately and keeping it safe.

A personal trainer pushes you too hard

Personal trainers should help you to push yourself and improve, however, they should also be looking out for your safety at all times. If a personal trainer’s advice led you to suffer an injury, you may be able to take action against them or the gym that employs them.

If you have been injured at the gym in Illinois, it is, first of all, important to consider whether you believe that the gym could have prevented the incident if staff had been more responsible. If you think that they could have prevented the incident, you may want to think about taking action to recoup the damages that you deserve.