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Workplace retaliation can take on many forms

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Employment Law |

Workplace retaliation is a serious threat to a person’s employment. It is often initiated when a worker points out or files a claim based on perceived discrimination or harassment while on the job. If that worker then experiences retaliation in the form of workplace punishments due to their pursuit of justice after suffering harassment or discrimination, then they may also be a victim of workplace retaliation.

Workplace retaliation is not legal in Illinois or any of the other 49 states in the nation. It hurts individuals as it may deter them from seeking help when they are discriminated against or forced to work in difficult conditions due to harassment. If a person believes that they may be fired for filing a claim based on the wrongdoing that they have experienced, then they may choose to endure the problems rather than put their job in jeopardy.

The harm a worker may experience from on-the-job retaliation may take on different forms. As stated, it may result in a person losing their job, but it may also result in a person being passed over for a raise, promotion or other positive workplace benefit. A person may experience workplace retaliation in the form of undesirable work shifts or assignments and may be forced to put up with additional harassment by their boss and employer.

Different cases of workplace retaliation may look very different, and for this reason individuals may need to get more information when facing this significant threat to their jobs. The right legal information can help workers face their workplace retaliation claims.