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August 2018 Archives

Whistleblower protections in the workplace

It is no surprise that entities that do business in the United States are regulated to ensure that the products and services that they provide are safe, legal and appropriate for consumers. Additionally, businesses are required to follow certain laws and rules regarding how they make their goods, how they employ and treat their workers and many other workplace issues. These legislative and rule-making policies are in place not only to protect businesses, but also to keep safe the people who work for the businesses and those who use the businesses' products.

What is a wrong-site surgery?

Surgical procedures can be highly invasive and can leave individuals with long periods of recovery. In some cases, Illinois residents who undergo surgery must also expect to go through rehabilitation before they can be considered fully healed from their ailments. Therefore, when a person decides that surgery is the best course of medical action for their health needs, it is likely that they have carefully weighed the benefits and risks of undergoing their procedure.

Discrimination has no place in Illinois workplaces

Many individuals must commit themselves to working in order to provide for themselves and the people that they love. Spending time at a job can be difficult when a person would rather be with their loved ones or pursuing their passions, but, in the end, employment is a necessary component of staying financially afloat in a costly world.

Important elements in a wrongful death claim

Many of the accidents that occur on Illinois roads result in damaged vehicles and injured victims. When those crashes are particularly serious, however, victims may suffer life-threatening harm. If they do not receive the right care in time, they may succumb to their injuries and lose their lives.

What are pedestrians' rights when they are hit by cars?

A collision between a person and a vehicle can be a dangerous and violent event. Any Illinois resident who is hurt in a vehicle-pedestrian accident should seek medical attention to ensure that they have not suffered any serious physical harm. Once they have taken precautions to protect their health, they may wish to investigate their rights to pursue compensation for the harm they suffered.

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