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Discrimination has no place in Illinois workplaces

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2018 | Employment Law |

Many individuals must commit themselves to working in order to provide for themselves and the people that they love. Spending time at a job can be difficult when a person would rather be with their loved ones or pursuing their passions, but, in the end, employment is a necessary component of staying financially afloat in a costly world.

When a person has a job they should expect to be reviewed and provided with feedback from their employer on how they are performing or how they may improve their performance. These types of assessments are necessary to ensure that workers are on the right track and that the needs of their employers are being met.

However, a worker should never be assessed on a characteristic or trait that is innate to them, such as the color of their skin, their age or their choice of religious beliefs. When employers use these and other protected classes to make employment decisions about the people who will make up their workforces, they may run afoul of state and federal employment discrimination laws.

Having a job can be hard, but it should not be made harder by a discriminatory workplace or employer. Individuals who have suffered in discriminatory places of employment may need to get more information about their legal rights. The Law Office of Van-Lear P. Eckert is available to those in the Belleville community who wish to learn more about employment discrimination and options under the law, especially when it might be necessary to hold a discriminating employer accountable in court.