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September 2018 Archives

When good doctors make medical mistakes

When most people think of medical malpractice cases that are prosecuted, they tend to think of egregious errors made by clearly negligent practitioners. However, it's important to understand that often medical errors are committed by highly regarded physicians who would not normally be characterized as negligent practitioners.

Walmart accused of pregnancy discrimination

Pregnancy is often an exciting if not nerve-wracking time in the life of a prospective mother. While she works to prepare her home to bring in her new bundle of joy, she may look for ways to reduce her extra stresses in other arenas of life. Particularly, a prospective Illinois mother may look for legally permissible ways to reduce the strain that her job puts on her changing body.

Age discrimination has a negative impact on hiring practices

It is not unusual for a person to look for work and to feel discouraged that they do not have enough experience to get the positions they want. This may motivate them to go back to school or to advance their education so that they can, in time become qualified for the work they strive to do. However, the opposite of this problem is also an issue for some Illinois residents. Men and women who have worked their entire lives are struggling to find work due to what some people view as discriminatory hiring practices.

Understanding the effects of an accident on a victim's life

This Illinois personal injury blog has introduced its readers to a myriad of different ways that personal injuries may be suffered by victims. Harm may befall individuals in different instances from poor medical care, and serious injuries can happen when individuals become victims of car and motor vehicle accidents. Dog bites, dangerous products, and even poorly maintained homes and sidewalks can all pose hazards to individuals who are not prepared to avoid the dangers they pose.

How do differential diagnoses protect patients?

Going to the doctor is rarely a fun event for an Illinois resident. Rather, it is usually a necessary evil for a person to figure out what is wrong with their health. Whether they are experiencing pain or cold symptoms or something entirely different, a patient will generally trust the diagnosis that their doctor provides for them and the course of treatment that goes along with it.

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