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Age discrimination has a negative impact on hiring practices

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2018 | Employment Law |

It is not unusual for a person to look for work and to feel discouraged that they do not have enough experience to get the positions they want. This may motivate them to go back to school or to advance their education so that they can, in time become qualified for the work they strive to do. However, the opposite of this problem is also an issue for some Illinois residents. Men and women who have worked their entire lives are struggling to find work due to what some people view as discriminatory hiring practices.

In these situations individuals with decades of experience are being excluded from positions in favor or younger applicants. Many are finding that the jobs they are applying to have very tailored requirements that may particularly exclude qualified workers who are over a minimum age. While employers subject to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) may not overtly discriminate against individuals who are over the age of 40, some older applicants believe that employers are finding ways to micro-target younger individuals.

Several lawsuits are pending in the courts that address targeted ads for employment. They generally allege that targeted employment ads have a disparate impact on older workers who are being denied opportunities for employment because employers do not want to hire them.

There is no place for age discrimination in American employment arenas but unfortunately many older workers are struggling to find jobs because of their ages. As the courts take on these important legal matters older workers may choose to keep fighting for their rights to be free of discrimination as they seek employment.