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Proving negligence to prevail on a personal injury claim

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Negligence happens more often than individuals may want to admit. It happens when a driver chooses to look at their cell phone instead of the road in front of them. It can happen when an Illinois store employee ignores a wet patch of flooring and chooses not to clean it up. It occurs when a doctor fails to review all of a patient’s symptoms and makes a diagnosis based on incomplete information.

In some situations, these acts of negligence may not cause any harm. The driver may look up from their phone and continue on their way without causing a damaging accident. Patrons of the store with the wet floor may avoid the slippery surface and the doctor’s diagnosis may end up being correct despite their truncated review.

However, as readers of this Belleville personal injury blog know, negligence is the foundation of many civil lawsuits for injury and loss. Distracted drivers fail to act responsibly and often cause life-threatening crashes. Wet floors that are known to businesses can cause dangerous falls to those who choose to shop in them. Misdiagnoses in the medical context can have deadly repercussions if patients are allowed to go untreated for their ailments.

Attorney Val-Lear Eckert recognizes the significant role that negligence can play in changing the course of an Illinois resident’s life. A single act of negligence can have life-long consequences for the victim of a personal injury accident, and attorney Eckert is prepared to support and guide such victims through their pending legal claims. The Law Office of Van-Lear Eckert is located in Belleville and may be visited online through the firm’s personal injury webpage.