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Serious injuries can result when spinal cord is damaged

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Personal Injury |

The spinal cord is a grouping of nerves that run through a human’s spinal column. The spinal column is a set of bones that surround and protect the spinal cord and help it avoid damage. When an Illinois resident suffers an injury to their spinal cord, they may experience a host of detrimental symptoms.

Spinal cord injuries can result from a number of causes. Vehicle accidents, falls, and incidents involving violence can lead to damage to this important part of the body. When the spinal column breaks and the spinal cord is affected, then a victim may lose sensation and the capacity to move the parts of their body that are below the site of their harm.

A victim who suffers an incomplete spinal cord injury may not lose complete sensation and movement from their trauma. An incomplete injury means that the spinal cord was not completely severed in the incident. However, a complete spinal cord injury means that the victim’s spinal cord has been cut through, and that the victim no longer has nerves reaching the points of the body below the site of their damage.

Some victims will completely recover from their spinal cord traumas, while others may be left with permanent paralysis. Much of a victim’s success of recovery will depend upon how quickly they receive treatment for their harm. Medical treatments for spinal cord injuries can be expensive and may be required for years of a victim’s life. Paying for such care can be expensive and victims of negligence-based spinal cord injuries may wish to seek compensation for the incredibly losses that they had to sustain.