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Car accidents may leave victims with deadly, painless injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | Firm News |

Anyone who has ever experienced a car accident without suffering serious injuries has probably felt a sense of relief. Of course, it is always good to avoid serious injury in a dangerous situation, but car accidents often cause real harm that victims cannot feel for hours or even days, which is dangerous in its own way.

Despite the many increases in safety technology, our bodies are simply not built to withstand the kind of impact that can occur in a traffic collision. Many car accident victims receive dangerous or even life-threatening injuries that do not receive proper treatment, because the victims never seek professional medical attention. Sometimes, feeling no pain from an injury is more dangerous than receiving a significant injury that is not painful.

Anyone who experiences a car accident should make it a priority to get a full medical examination as soon as possible. Not only can a thorough examination identify delayed pain injuries before they cause lasting harm, it also helps build a strong injury claim. If you recently survived an accident, it is important to seek professional medical attention immediately, for your own safety.

Deadly injuries

Some delayed pain injuries can kill a victim, often before they even realize anything is wrong. Internal bleeding and partial organ damage can both turn deadly if a victim does not receive the treatment they need at the right time.

If an internal wound is large, a victim may lose consciousness and die very quickly from internal blood loss. Without a medical intervention, this can occur in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, a very small internal wound may develop a bacterial infection, which is equally dangerous. Once a bacterial infection grows large enough, it can spread to every other part of the body through the bloodstream, essentially poisoning the victim.

Partial organ damage is also life-threatening. If an organ receives damage that does not shut it down completely, then the body will attempt to heal it while it continues to function, and the victim may not have any way to know there is a problem. However, if the body cannot heal the organ, then it will eventually shut it down, which can create a domino effect, shutting down the rest of victim’s organs.

Get the help you need today

Internal bleeding and organ damage are not the only delayed pain injuries a victim can receive in a car accident, but they are typically the most dangerous. If you have not sought medical attention after a car accident, please do so as soon as possible.

Should you have serious injuries, you may need to build a personal injury claim to cover your medical bills, lost income and other expenses while you recover. Make sure to care for yourself and your loved ones by protecting your safety with a strong injury claim, so you can keep your rights secure while you do the hard work of recovery.