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How can scaffolds be dangerous to construction workers?

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Personal Injury |

In order to construct the homes, businesses, and other structures that Illinois residents see throughout their communities, construction workers must erect supports that allow them to reach higher to finish their building projects. These supports are often called scaffolds or scaffolding, and scaffolds can be made out of wood and other building materials. Generally, scaffolds are temporary structures that workers may use to reach further or higher than they would otherwise be able to from the ground.

Through this definition a reader may be able to surmise some of the ways that scaffolds cause injuries to workers. One way that workers can be hurt by scaffolds is when those scaffolds collapse while the workers are on them. A collapsing scaffold may cause a worker serious injuries or death due to their trauma. Any workers who are under or near a collapsing scaffold may also suffer harm if they are in the path of the falling structure.

Additionally, even if a scaffold does not fall, a worker may do so if they are not properly secured to the structure. State and federal standards dictate how high a worker may do their job without being tied to a scaffold or other structure; falls are a major cause of construction accidents in the United States.

A properly built scaffold with safety equipment for workers installed upon it should offer construction workers a secure structure on which to do their work and accomplish their building tasks. When workers are hurt on the job due to dangerous scaffolds, however, they may need legal help to protect their interests and livelihoods as they fight to recover from their injuries.