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How to recognize sexual harassment in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Employment Law |

Inappropriate sexual conduct or even improper words used within one’s workplace may constitute sexual harassment. When an Illinois resident feels threatened or harassed by such behaviors, they may be the victim of illegal employment actions. They may wish to discuss their workplace struggles with attorneys who support harassment victims and advocate for their rights.

Sexual harassment is not a single action or behavior. It can be inflicted upon any worker, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. Sexual harassment also does not only occur between supervisors and their subordinates; a sexual harassment victim may suffer at the hands of their co-workers or others who operate within their places of employment.

In general, conduct, actions, and words that are offensive to a victim will constitute sexual harassment. The victim must not encourage or welcome the behaviors that offend them, and a victim does not have to suffer a financial or physical injury because of the harassment they have suffered. Being the recipient of unwanted sexual attention or behaviors can form the basis of a successful sexual harassment lawsuit.

Because sexual harassment can look very different for different victims and workplaces, it is imperative that victims understand how their claims will be assessed under state and federal discrimination and harassment laws. Employment law attorneys who support men and women who have been wronged by others in their places of employment can help. They know the law and how to provide victims with the information they need to move their cases forward. Damages for victims in sexual harassment cases can help them get back to work in environments that foster support and not derision.