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The role of whistleblowers in the employment world

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Employment Law |

Parents expect their children to do the right thing. When faced with challenges and adversity, they expect their sons and daughters to rise to the occasions and find workable solutions that improve their situations and follow the rules. When a child disobeys and undertakes an action that is dangerous, disrespectful, or prohibited, an Illinois parent may intervene with swift action and a punishment to enforce their disapproval.

In the realm of the corporate world, businesses and other entities are also expected to follow the rules and do the right thing. That can mean anything from properly disposing of chemicals and other materials used in their production processes, following building codes and zoning laws, meeting consumer protection standards, and many others. Businesses and employers that do not follow such rules can be punished for their actions.

Therefore, when an employee learns of their employer’s wrongful and potentially illegal actions, they will want to take action to right the wrongs that they have learned about. For some, doing this can result in illegal retaliation from their employers and threats to their employment. These whistleblowers should know, however, that laws exist to protect them when they take action to do what is right.

When a worker is threatened with adverse employment action because of their decision to become a whistleblower, they may wish to take proactive steps to protect themselves. Employment law attorneys provide services to these important individuals and help them maintain their livelihoods. It is important that companies and other employers follow the rules and individuals who attempt to ensure this truth are protected from wrongdoing.