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Many hazards threaten the safety of construction workers

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Not long ago, this Belleville-based personal injury blog posted an article on the dangers that scaffolds pose to men and women who work in the construction industry. While scaffolds are used to assist workers in reaching heights on the projects they must build, those scaffolds can fall or workers can fall from them when they are not secured to them.

In addition to scaffold accidents, there are a number of different hazards at construction sites that put workers’ lives at risk.

For instance, workers may be forced to work near live wires and other electrical hazards. Electricity harms many workers each year and can leave victims with life-long injuries. Similarly, fires from circuits and other power-based equipment cause injuries at construction sites each year.

Accidents involving work equipment can result in serious injuries and even deaths. Crushing accidents, back-over accidents and hitting accidents can all result in losses of life at construction sites. Crushing accidents from falling objects can also pose serious threats to construction workers.

Illnesses and injuries can also develop when workers are exposed to certain conditions over time. Workers who must complete repetitive tasks may develop stress injuries in their joints and those who are exposed to toxic materials may develop respiratory illnesses that linger for their entire lives. As readers can see, personal injuries can come from a variety of construction site hazards, and workers who suffer them may have options for seeking compensation. Personal injury attorneys can help them understand their rights and identify their possible legal claims and strategies.