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Medical mistakes can mean major problems for victims

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Receiving a damaging diagnosis can be traumatic for anyone. If an Illinois resident is told that they have a serious condition like cancer, they may feel a flood of emotions as they work to deal with their new reality. Because of the seriousness of their condition and its potential to jeopardize their future, they may put their trust in their doctors to help them regain their health.

Recently a story made the national news regarding a Midwestern man who had his prostate removed because his doctors told him that he had cancer. In reality, though, the man did not have cancer, but samples of his tissue were mixed up with samples of another person who did have prostate cancer. Since undergoing an unnecessary surgery, the man has suffered painful and embarrassing symptoms that have impacted his relationship with his wife and the rest of his family.

This story offers an egregious example of what can happen when medical mistakes happen. Medical mistakes can occur during the diagnostic process, the treatment process, during surgery, office visits, and hospital stays. Medical mistakes can be committed by doctors and nurses, but also medical labs, pharmacies, and other entities that are involved in the care of patients.

The victim in this story was able to recover a significant sum based on the individual facts of his case. It is important that readers remember that different cases may have different outcomes. Medical mistakes and other personal injuries inflicted on victims may be compensable and should be discussed with attorneys who support accident and injury clients.