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When medical care leaves victims with losses

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Personal Injury |

It is not uncommon for individuals to trust the men and women who provide them with medical care. Throughout Illinois, residents seek out doctors and other medical care providers who they like and with whom they can work to protect their health. Most people have the option of changing doctors if they are unsatisfied with the care they receive, and therefore it is not often the case that individuals are tied to providers that they do not trust.

However, even when a person has confidence in their doctor, problems can arise. Whether their doctor fails to diagnose their serious condition, commits a medical mistake while undertaking a procedure, or erroneously offers them a treatment they do not need, a person can suffer serious harm when medical professionals commit malpractice.

The Law Office of Van-Lear Eckert is located in Belleville, Illinois, and is dedicated to the support of victims of personal injury events. Medical malpractice is a part of personal injury law and can be complicated by medical evidence, the need for expert testimony, and other important issues. Attorney Van-Lear Eckert is a confident advocate for men, women, and children who have suffered harm at the hands of their doctors, nurses, and other providers.

Just as a motor vehicle accident victim may sue for their damages, a victim of a medical malpractice event may sue to be made whole. Building a case for damages after a medical malpractice incident requires legal knowledge and an understanding of litigation strategy that is not always intuitive. Attorney Van-Lear Eckert is ready to retain new personal injury clients, including those whose suffering stems from medical malpractice events.