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When pain lingers after a personal injury accident

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Personal Injury |

When confronted with an accident and suffering from a sudden and traumatic wound, an Illinois resident may experience the overwhelming sensation of shock.

Shock is the body’s response to stress, and it undergoes physical transformations to protect itself from further harm and damage. When the body is in shock, it may not feel the pain it would otherwise experience and it exhibit strength that it should not otherwise have.

Shock, however, does not last. This preservation response wears off over time and when it does the victim of a personal injury accident may discover that their condition is much worse that they originally thought. The minor pain that they experienced right after their incident may explode into crippling agony, and no matter what they do they may not be able to remedy their own ailment without the intervention of medical professionals.

Because the body can mask injuries to protect itself from further harm, victims of personal injury accidents should always seek medical help as soon as possible after they are hurt. Doctors can assess their patients to determine what, if any, injuries they have and how those injuries should be treated so that they do not result in long-term pain and suffering.

Untreated injuries are a serious matter and can result in pain, discomfort, and other negative consequences that may endure for years after an accident. The law office of Van-Lear Eckert supports personal injury clients and fights for their rights after their motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice injuries, and other forms of harm. Just as victims should not wait to have their injuries assessed by doctors, they may choose to speak with attorneys about their rights soon after they suffer their injuries and losses.