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Greater drunk driving patrols planned, but wrecks may happen

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Holidays are busy times for the police, For instance, every year during the 4th of July week, law enforcement officials throughout Illinois step up their efforts to catch drunk drivers before they cause serious and life-changing motor vehicle accidents. Though many individuals make responsible choices and find safe ways of getting home after celebrating with friends, family members, and alcohol, too many wrongly assess their abilities to drive and get behind the wheels of their cars while drunk. When drivers operate intoxicated, they can make poor decisions that put themselves and others in the way of serious harm.

That is because alcohol dulls a driver’s ability to see, react, and overcome obstacles in their paths. A driver who has been drinking may not be able to think clearly and may not have the full use of their coordination. Drinking can cause a driver to hallucinate and see things where there is actually nothing, and alcohol can also cause a driver to experience fatigue which can impact their ability to be a safe motorist.

Not every drunk driver in the state will be caught through state and local efforts by law enforcement officials, and that means some individuals may pay heavily for the negligent and reckless actions of others. When victims suffer injuries and losses from the actions of drunk drivers their suffering may be compensable through litigation.

Personal injury claims, including wrongful death claims, can compensate victims for what drunk drivers inflict upon them through motor vehicle accidents. As they recover from their injuries and assess the extent of what they have lost, victims can choose to speak with personal injury attorneys they can count on for superlative legal support.