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Political rhetoric opens the door to workplace harassment claims

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Employment Law |

It is likely that readers of this Illinois legal blog have some opinions about the current state of American politics. Whether they are in favor of the current course of governance or are ready for a change once the next election cycle happens, they are undoubtedly aware that divisive and derogatory language has been used by government leaders against others within the federal system. In particular, members of Congress have been told to “go back where [they] came from” by the President of the United States.

Recently, the EEOC released information on how these and other harassing statements can translate into violations of workplace discrimination laws. In particular, statements that are directed toward individuals’ nations of origin and that are harassing, taunting, or offensive in nature may constitute illegal workplace harassment. The EEOC statement further details that individuals who suffer this form of harassment at work can file complaints with the entity for further investigation.

An individual who chooses to work does not choose to suffer the abuse and harassment of others when they are attempting to do the jobs that they have been hired to do. These and other comments violate individuals’ civil rights and can be the grounds for employment actions.

Workplace harassment is a serious problem for many people and can be targeted at victims’ races, religious beliefs, nations of origin, gender, and other protected classifications. Employment law attorneys can provide individuals in these devastating work conditions with support and guidance on how best to protect their jobs while stopping the harassment that makes their employment unbearable.