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Distracted truckers can cause dangerous accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Firm News |

When you’re tooling down the road doing the speed limit and obeying the traffic laws, it can be quite nerve-racking to have a mighty semitruck blow past you dangerously close to your passenger vehicle.

The drivers of these big-rig behemoths certainly cause their share of highway carnage when they collide with smaller trucks and cars. The great disparity between the weights and sizes of the vehicles — especially when the truck driver is carrying a full cargo load — mean that whomever is in the smaller vehicle will usually receive the worst injuries if they are lucky enough to survive at all.

Some semitruck drivers make it even more dangerous

Recently out west, a state trooper from Washington stopped a truck driver for speeding. He was stunned to see that the trucker had a fully operational mobile music studio in the truck’s cab. There was even a mic suspended from the cab’s ceiling.

During the stop, the driver, who was also found to have suspected drugs in the truck, admitted that he often produced music while driving down the road. The Washington State Patrol officer commented that doing so was “incredibly dangerous.”

Citation and arrests follow stop

The 31-year-old trucker was cited for driving 17 miles over the speed limit and arrested on suspicioun of driving under the influence of drugs. The cop alegedly detected the scent of marijuana in the cab and also found a suspicious white crystalline substance.

The trooper also discovered music production software loaded onto a computer with the display screen open and displayed in the cab.

According to the state trooper, the trucker stated, ‘’Yeah, I produce music while I’m driving down the road.”

Social media shows damning videos

The truck driver’s social media page reportedly had videos posted that indicated the driver streamed them while behind the wheel of his rig at night.

Distractions heighten risks of wrecks

Of course, most big rig drivers would never engage in such obvious distractions as producing music while driving. But that does not mean that they could not also be engaging in other questionable behaviors that could cause them to get into deadly wrecks with other drivers.

Were you injured in a big rig wreck?

If you are the survivor of an accident involving a semitruck, you have the right to seek compensation for your damages and injuries.