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EEOC investigates claim Google committed pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2020 | Employment Law |

Workplace discrimination and other work-related issues are getting more attention in Illinois and across the United States. This has benefited workers as they have been more likely to report violations and work to be compensated for what they lost. Unfortunately, these incidents still happen. In one case that is currently under investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, Google is accused of pregnancy discrimination.

In the case, a woman who was a five-year employee at Google asserted that she was confronted with workplace retaliation and pregnancy discrimination. She initially complained via internal memo. It was eventually a widely shared document at the company with at least 10,000 people seeing it. The EEOC complaint was filed toward the end of 2019. Google said it did not discriminate against her.

The memo said the woman’s manager made comments about pregnant women she deemed inappropriate. After informing human resources, she was reportedly retaliated against. As she planned for maternity leave, she was told that her managerial position could be in jeopardy when she was ready to return to work. The company has been accused of retaliation in the past. This was highlighted by a 2018 walkout due to its failure to adequately address sexual harassment allegedly committed by its executives. The two organizers said their efforts sparked retaliation. Both have since departed the company.

Despite increased enforcement and a greater focus on worker rights, some companies still commit employment law violations. For workers who believe they were discriminated against, faced retaliation or were sexually harassed, having legal advice might be essential. A law firm experienced in all aspects of employment law may be able to help.