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Allow us to help you file a claim for damages

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Personal Injury |

After an accident with injuries, you could have a long recovery back to your former good health status. Your recuperation could include physical and occupational therapies for weeks or months that are designed to build your strength and dexterity back up.

But one thing is for sure — those medical bills sure do add up fast. Even people who have good insurance plans can wind up going into the hole with co-pays and deductibles. It is enough to cause a serious setback to your formerly rosy financial picture.

If you had to stay off of work for an extended time to recover from your injuries, you may really be hurting financially after the accident.

Is there any relief in sight?

There can be, but you must be proactive about the situation. Filing a claim for damages is the first step in addressing the situation. Whether it was an auto accident or damage that occurred on public or private premises, if you suffered injuries due to another person’s negligence, you have a potential personal injury claim you can make.

We can help you file a claim for damages. Sometimes, there may be more than one defendant responsible for your injuries, and we can make sure that all defendants are put on notice that you are filing a claim against the liable parties. Should they fail to offer you a fair settlement of the claims, we are prepared to file a lawsuit in the proper venue to make sure that your claim does not proscribe and you don’t get your medical bills covered after an accident with injury.