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Spring motorcycle safety tips for Belleville riders

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2020 | Personal Injury |

After a long winter, spring is finally emerging here in Belleville. That means that motorcycle enthusiasts will be taking to the highways and back roads for some much-needed wind therapy.

But if you are one who likes to de-stress on the open road, take a moment to consider the below safety tips that could make the difference between getting into a catastrophic wreck and dodging that bullet entirely.

  • Inspect your helmet. It may need to be replaced. Are there any cracks on the surface or tears to the interior? Many bikers replace their helmets every three to five years, as the material can weaken and even dry rot when it sits up for awhile.
  • Remain visible while riding. Black leather gear might make you look like a “cool” biker dude and can definitely protect you from road rash if you take a spill. But wearing dark-colored gear makes it harder for motorcyclists to see you. If you must wear your leathers, add a colorful accessory like your helmet or a pair of neon riding gloves.
  • Stay vigilant at all times. This means focusing on the road ahead and the motorists around you on the highway. But it also means to only ride when sober.
  • Ease into the riding season. Make your first ride this spring be a short one. That gives you a chance to reacquaint yourself with your motorcycle and note if there are any mechanical problems you need to check out.

If you wind up injured in a motorcycle accident, you will need to take steps to protect your rights to seek financial compensation for your damages, losses and injuries.