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Joe Biden’s accuser faces doubts about story’s timing

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Employment Law |

There have been recent claims of sexual assault by Joe Biden against one of his former senatorial staffers. As reported by The Washington Post, the timeline shows that his accuser’s allegations have morphed and grown over time.

That can be problematic for the accuser, as typically when the story changes, it is more likely that all or some of it has been enhanced in the re-telling.

The American public may never know the truth about what happened between then-Senator Biden and his entry-level staffer. But this case certainly illustrates the problems an accuser can face when they delay reporting sexual harassment on the job.

When you accuse a boss or co-worker of harassment at the time it occurs or very shortly thereafter, it locks you into your story. Witnesses can be interviewed who can corroborate your version of events. Video evidence and other means of proving your case should still be available. There will be no chance that you forget dates and times and other important details that can substantiate your allegations against your harasser.

These things taken together can markedly strengthen a case for sexual harassment in the workplace. It also puts your harasser on notice that any further harassment will be reported. Any retaliatory acts can become grounds for further legal action.

In the case involving Vice President Biden, there are many who claim the timing is very suspect. After all, this is the man that for eight years was but a heartbeat away from holding the highest office in the land. The fact that his accuser remained silent throughout two previous presidential campaigns with him in the No. 2 spot might indicate that she fabricated her present allegations to some voters.

To avoid having these same doubts expressed towards your account of sexual harassment at work, don’t delay in reporting an incident. An attorney can provide you with guidance and support as you make your case.