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Slip-and-fall injuries can be serious

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Personal Injury |

You’re shopping for groceries when you step in a spilled liquid on the floor. This causes you to lose your balance, and you wind up taking a tumble onto the floor. The last thing you remember before blacking out was the intense pain you felt.

Some people mistakenly believe that slip-and-fall injuries are always minor bumps, bruises and sprains that quickly resolve with minimal treatment. But the fact is that an adult can suffer very serious injuries in a fall.

Simply the reflexive action of trying to break one’s fall with an outstretched arm can cause severe fractures in the arm, elbow and wrist. If you happened to fall backward, you could suffer a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and wind up needing ongoing care for the rest of your life.

Spinal injuries can also result from a slip-and-fall accident. A worst-case scenario could see you paralyzed for life.

In the aftermath of your accident in the store, you should immediately seek medical treatment. This is especially important if there was a head injury, as the severity of the injury may not be initially apparent. Yet, the accident could prove to be life-threatening.

Your medical bills could be quite extensive after a slip-and-fall accident. When your fall was due to the store’s negligence, the at-fault party should be held liable for paying the bills that arise from the treatment of your injuries.

Filing a claim for damages is the first step in the process that can lead to financial compensation. It is important to take swift action, as cases can proscribe, leaving potential plaintiffs with no legal recourse to seek damages.