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Racial discrimination still present in American workforce

The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s forced Americans to take a hard look at how certain populations were being treated in the nation's plight to secure equality for all. As a result, many pieces of federal legislation were passed in an effort to address previous wrongs and to level the playing field for, among others, women, those over 40, and individuals of color. In Illinois and throughout the nation, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provided a springboard for many claims of discrimination that were arising from places of employment.

Walmart accused of pregnancy discrimination

Pregnancy is often an exciting if not nerve-wracking time in the life of a prospective mother. While she works to prepare her home to bring in her new bundle of joy, she may look for ways to reduce her extra stresses in other arenas of life. Particularly, a prospective Illinois mother may look for legally permissible ways to reduce the strain that her job puts on her changing body.

Age discrimination has a negative impact on hiring practices

It is not unusual for a person to look for work and to feel discouraged that they do not have enough experience to get the positions they want. This may motivate them to go back to school or to advance their education so that they can, in time become qualified for the work they strive to do. However, the opposite of this problem is also an issue for some Illinois residents. Men and women who have worked their entire lives are struggling to find work due to what some people view as discriminatory hiring practices.

Whistleblower protections in the workplace

It is no surprise that entities that do business in the United States are regulated to ensure that the products and services that they provide are safe, legal and appropriate for consumers. Additionally, businesses are required to follow certain laws and rules regarding how they make their goods, how they employ and treat their workers and many other workplace issues. These legislative and rule-making policies are in place not only to protect businesses, but also to keep safe the people who work for the businesses and those who use the businesses' products.

Discrimination has no place in Illinois workplaces

Many individuals must commit themselves to working in order to provide for themselves and the people that they love. Spending time at a job can be difficult when a person would rather be with their loved ones or pursuing their passions, but, in the end, employment is a necessary component of staying financially afloat in a costly world.

Workplace retaliation can take on many forms

Workplace retaliation is a serious threat to a person's employment. It is often initiated when a worker points out or files a claim based on perceived discrimination or harassment while on the job. If that worker then experiences retaliation in the form of workplace punishments due to their pursuit of justice after suffering harassment or discrimination, then they may also be a victim of workplace retaliation.

What is considered a reasonable accommodation?

Physical and mental disabilities are conditions that may require individuals to experience life in different ways that individuals who are considered able bodied. Illnesses, injuries and genetics are common causes of disabilities in Illinois residents but the presence of a disability in a person does not in any way indicate that that individual is incapable of having a self-sufficient and thriving life. Laws exist that prevent employers from excluding disabled workers from positions in their organizations and from firing employees who become disabled.

Protect your employment rights, livelihood with legal help

Seeking employment can be a hard process for an Illinois resident. After combing through postings about different positions, finding options that match one's qualifications and experience and submitting all of the necessary documentation to show one's fitness of a particular employment role a person may have to wait weeks to find out that they were not selected for a job.

A review of quid pro quo employment harassment

Anyone who has ever entered into a contract knows that generally, both parties must offer some consideration for the benefit of the other party. For example, an Illinois homeowner may agree to sell their house to a buyer in exchange for $500,000. Through the contract the parties agree to exchange money for the house, in essence giving each something in exchange for the other's consideration.

Can an employer fire a worker for being pregnant?

Finding out that a baby is on their way is an exciting moment for most Illinois women. While they may have normal concerns about how they will parent and raise their children, many expectant moms enjoy the process of bringing new lives into the world. However, for some mothers, pregnancy brings with it a real and intimidating fear: the threat of losing one's job.

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