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What is considered a reasonable accommodation?

Physical and mental disabilities are conditions that may require individuals to experience life in different ways that individuals who are considered able bodied. Illnesses, injuries and genetics are common causes of disabilities in Illinois residents but the presence of a disability in a person does not in any way indicate that that individual is incapable of having a self-sufficient and thriving life. Laws exist that prevent employers from excluding disabled workers from positions in their organizations and from firing employees who become disabled.

Protect your employment rights, livelihood with legal help

Seeking employment can be a hard process for an Illinois resident. After combing through postings about different positions, finding options that match one's qualifications and experience and submitting all of the necessary documentation to show one's fitness of a particular employment role a person may have to wait weeks to find out that they were not selected for a job.

A review of quid pro quo employment harassment

Anyone who has ever entered into a contract knows that generally, both parties must offer some consideration for the benefit of the other party. For example, an Illinois homeowner may agree to sell their house to a buyer in exchange for $500,000. Through the contract the parties agree to exchange money for the house, in essence giving each something in exchange for the other's consideration.

Can an employer fire a worker for being pregnant?

Finding out that a baby is on their way is an exciting moment for most Illinois women. While they may have normal concerns about how they will parent and raise their children, many expectant moms enjoy the process of bringing new lives into the world. However, for some mothers, pregnancy brings with it a real and intimidating fear: the threat of losing one's job.

What is considered a wrongful termination?

Most Americans rely on the income that they earn from their employment to provide for themselves and their families. In fact, residents of Illinois work hard each and every day to make sure that their loved ones have what they need to succeed and thrive. When a person loses their job they may find themselves struggling to make ends meet and to pay the bills they receive each month.

Employment law and the filing of a complaint with OSHA

It can be very distressing to find out your employer has done something against the law, but many people in Illinois find themselves in such a situation, and report the illegal activity to the appropriate entities. However, a distressing situation is made even worse when these people face retaliation from their employers simply for doing the right thing and exercising their rights under the law.

Proposal addresses workplace discrimination in Illinois

There are many ways a person in Illinois could be discriminated against in the workplace. They could face discrimination based on their race, gender, religion, age or disability, among other protected categories. They could be passed up for a promotion, be paid less than those in a similar position, be harassed to the point that it creates a hostile working environment, be unduly penalized or could even be wrongfully terminated. It is an issue that lawmakers both on a federal and state level have taken steps to address.

Filing a charge under the Illinois Human Rights Act

Under the Illinois Human Rights Act, employment discrimination is prohibited. If a worker believes that they were discriminated against in violation of the Act, they can file a charge with the Illinois Department of Human Rights. This must be done with 180 days of the purported discriminatory act. There are several steps that one will go through after they file a charge.

Racial discrimination is still an issue in Illinois workplaces

People in Illinois may think that discrimination based on a person's race or color is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Instances of racial discrimination still occur in the workplace far too often. It is important to understand what racial discrimination in the workplace looks like.

What is unlawful workplace retaliation?

Employees in Illinois deserve to feel that their job is secure if they stand up to unlawful activities in the workplace. It is against federal law for a job applicant or an employee to be retaliated against for standing up for their protected rights in the workplace. Such rights include freedom from discrimination and harassment.

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