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Important elements in a wrongful death claim

Many of the accidents that occur on Illinois roads result in damaged vehicles and injured victims. When those crashes are particularly serious, however, victims may suffer life-threatening harm. If they do not receive the right care in time, they may succumb to their injuries and lose their lives.

What are pedestrians' rights when they are hit by cars?

A collision between a person and a vehicle can be a dangerous and violent event. Any Illinois resident who is hurt in a vehicle-pedestrian accident should seek medical attention to ensure that they have not suffered any serious physical harm. Once they have taken precautions to protect their health, they may wish to investigate their rights to pursue compensation for the harm they suffered.

A misdiagnosis can be a serious threat to your health

Not all medical conditions have a definite cause. For example, when a Belleville resident comes down with a bad cough their doctor may subject them to a battery of tests to rule out pneumonia, bronchial infection and other sinister causes. If their tests yield no information about the patient's condition then they may simply be left with a general diagnosis of coughing related to a cold.

Reality star suffers serious injuries in collision with truck

It seems that more shows on television are reality-based rather than original content. Reality shows are programs that involve non-actors who participate in a variety of activities ranging from everyday tasks to outlandish and sometimes dangerous stunts. While Illinois residents may have their own favorite reality programs they may relate to individuals who participate in such programs due to the non-professional status many such performers embrace.

Slip-and-fall accidents are common premises liability incidents

Summer is upon Illinois residents, but not that long ago snow and ice afflicted residents throughout the state. Winter conditions can making walking and driving outdoors a challenge for those who wish to stay safe and to avoid injuries in the slippery wetness. However, winter is not the only time when slips and falls can occur. These accidents are a common way that premises liability claims may arise.

Surgical errors leave patients with worsened conditions

Doctors perform surgical procedures on their patients to improve their patients' health. Though some procedures are elective many are done to fix significant problems present in the individuals' bodies. Illinois residents go under the knife every day at hospitals and clinics throughout the state, and most people who have surgery emerge from their procedures better than they were before.

Illinois drivers must be wary of keyless ignitions

Keyless ignitions are convenient. In fact, they are now a standard feature in more than half of all new cars delivered each year in the United States. Unfortunately, it appears that on some models, this seemingly-innocuous convenience can disguise a potential hazard that can lead to illness, personal injury or even death.

A review of duty in a negligence-based personal injury case

When an accident occurs, it may be clear to the injured victim that another party was responsible for the losses they suffered. In Illinois, a person may bring a personal injury lawsuit against another individual if that individual caused the victim to suffer harm. Negligence is often the basis on which personal injury claims are built and this post will briefly discuss the elements of negligence that must exist in order for a victim to prevail on these claims.

Understanding the law is crucial in personal injury cases

Sometimes accidents are truly that -- unfortunate incidents that are not the fault of anyone. However, many times an accident in Belleville is caused by the actions of another person. When that person's actions are careless or reckless and they cause another person to suffer injuries, the injured person may want to attempt to seek compensation from the responsible party.

How prevalent are fatal distracted driving auto accidents?

When people in Belleville are behind the wheel of a car, their entire focus should be on the task of driving. However, distractions abound that could take a driver's attention off of the road. Our smartphones are a major source of distraction, but even eating in the car, tuning the radio, looking at the GPS, adjusting the heat or air conditioning or even talking to passengers can all take a driver's attention off of the road, and potentially cause a car accident.

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