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Belleville DUI Lawyer

For many people who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), it is their first encounter with the law. Most of them wrongly assume that they have no choice but to accept the conviction and the related consequences. The truth is that there are a number of defense strategies that can help you avoid a conviction or even get the charges dismissed completely.

If you are facing charges for any type of drunk driving offense, be sure that you have strong representation from a reliable Belleville DUI attorney with the ability to protect your interests and your future. At the Law Office of Van-Lear P. Eckert, PC, we have the experience and the commitment to protect your interests in these matters.

Representing Clients In All Types Of Drunk Driving Cases

Our firm has successfully represented clients in southern Illinois and eastern Missouri in a wide variety of drunk driving cases, including first and second offense DUI, felony DUI, and many others. We conduct a complete review of the steps leading up to your arrest and develop the strongest possible defense based on the facts of your case.

We have been successful in previous cases defending clients using the following strategies:

  • The validity of the initial traffic stop.
  • The accuracy of the field sobriety or BAC tests.
  • The qualifications of the person who administered the tests.

Discuss Your Case With Our St. Clair County Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Contact our office today to discuss your DUI case with a lawyer. We offer a free initial consultation to all new clients. We are available during regular business hours, and by appointment during evenings and weekends. You can reach us by phone at 618-767-5539 or via email to get started.

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