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Unauthorized treatment can support medical malpractice claim

The administration of medical treatment is a delicate process. While medical professionals should be willing to do everything they can to help their patients, they also need to operate within the bounds specified by those patients. In other words, doctors and nurses shouldn't provide treatment that a patient hasn't authorized unless it is an emergency situation. Doing so could cause harm to a patient with long-term consequences.

Guiding you through a personal injury action

It is true that accidents do happen, but many of these incidents are caused by the carelessness and negligence of others. When individuals in Illinois and elsewhere are harmed in an accident, it can be an overwhelming experience. Many have not been in this predicament before, so it can be confusing when it comes to understanding what rights an accident victim has and what legal recourses are available.

Personal injury, truck accidents and vicarious liability

If you find yourself gripping the steering wheel a little harder when being passed by a speeding semi-truck, you're not alone. Many motorists in Illinois are afraid of these massive vehicles because they know the amount of damage they can cause when they run astray. Sadly, far too often negligent truckers cause truck accidents that leave these innocent motorists with serious injuries, including those that are disabling. This is wholly unfair, especially given the extent of emotional, physical and financial harm that is suffered by these victims.

What damages may I be able to collect after a car accident?

The ability to collect damages is important to victims of car accidents because of the extensive damages and harm they may suffer at the hands of a negligent driver in a car accident. Victims of car accidents and their families should be aware of the different types of car accident damages they may be able to recover when harmed.

Road rage deaths climbing

Anger may be deadly on the highway. Road rage incidents and personal injury are rising according to a study performed for the National Highway Safety Administration. Deaths from motor vehicle accidents attributed to aggressive driving rose from 80 occurrences in 2006 to 467 in 2015. This is almost a 500 percent rise in ten years. Events across the country in one week in June reveal its danger.

Electronic health records and malpractice

Electronic health records were intended to apply information technology to the necessary task of documenting patient care. The percentage of physicians using EHRS grew by 15% since 2009. But the number of personal injury claims involving these electronic records also rose.

Pub fights lawsuit for patron's death

Business owners, particularly restaurants and bars, have a duty to protect their customers and other people against harm from other patrons. In one case, the family of a homicide victim outside a bar filed a personal injury lawsuit against that establishment for failing to meet this legal responsibility.

Misdiagnosis is leading culprit of malpractice actions

Medical negligence has many causes. For instance, inaccurate or delayed diagnosis was alleged in 34 percent of medical malpractice claims where a patient died or received serious disability. This information, contained in a peer-reviewed paper published in the July 11 edition of Diagnosis, also showed that diagnosis errors were involved in 28 percent of payouts in these personal injury claims.

Long-term effects of traumatic brain injuries can be devastating

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defined traumatic brain injuries as brain injuries that result from blows, bumps, and penetrations to the head. A person who suffers a traumatic brain injury suffers a disturbance to their normal brain function which may impact many other systems and operations of their body. When an Illinois resident suffers a traumatic brain injury in an accident they should seek medical attention to have their harm identified and treated.

Greater drunk driving patrols planned, but wrecks may happen

Holidays are busy times for the police, For instance, every year during the 4th of July week, law enforcement officials throughout Illinois step up their efforts to catch drunk drivers before they cause serious and life-changing motor vehicle accidents. Though many individuals make responsible choices and find safe ways of getting home after celebrating with friends, family members, and alcohol, too many wrongly assess their abilities to drive and get behind the wheels of their cars while drunk. When drivers operate intoxicated, they can make poor decisions that put themselves and others in the way of serious harm.

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