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Serious injuries can result when spinal cord is damaged

The spinal cord is a grouping of nerves that run through a human's spinal column. The spinal column is a set of bones that surround and protect the spinal cord and help it avoid damage. When an Illinois resident suffers an injury to their spinal cord, they may experience a host of detrimental symptoms.

Accidents at construction sites are often fatal

There are inherent and specific risks associated with practically all types of employment, and any job can cause a worker to suffer physical harm. However, Illinois residents who work in the construction industry face a number of serious threats to their health and safety. Though they should be protected from harm when they are on the job, a number of individuals die in construction site accidents each and every year.

Can children be liable for their own dog bite injuries?

Many parents take extra precautions when they are out with their small children and see dogs off their leashes. Though some Illinois dog owners take their responsibilities seriously, others fail to properly train and restrain their pets to prevent them from causing harm to others. Children are common victims of dog bites and dog attacks because they are small targets for aggressive animals and are often drawn to the seemingly fun appearance of active animals.

Proving negligence to prevail on a personal injury claim

Negligence happens more often than individuals may want to admit. It happens when a driver chooses to look at their cell phone instead of the road in front of them. It can happen when an Illinois store employee ignores a wet patch of flooring and chooses not to clean it up. It occurs when a doctor fails to review all of a patient's symptoms and makes a diagnosis based on incomplete information.

Understanding the effects of an accident on a victim's life

This Illinois personal injury blog has introduced its readers to a myriad of different ways that personal injuries may be suffered by victims. Harm may befall individuals in different instances from poor medical care, and serious injuries can happen when individuals become victims of car and motor vehicle accidents. Dog bites, dangerous products, and even poorly maintained homes and sidewalks can all pose hazards to individuals who are not prepared to avoid the dangers they pose.

How do differential diagnoses protect patients?

Going to the doctor is rarely a fun event for an Illinois resident. Rather, it is usually a necessary evil for a person to figure out what is wrong with their health. Whether they are experiencing pain or cold symptoms or something entirely different, a patient will generally trust the diagnosis that their doctor provides for them and the course of treatment that goes along with it.

What is a wrong-site surgery?

Surgical procedures can be highly invasive and can leave individuals with long periods of recovery. In some cases, Illinois residents who undergo surgery must also expect to go through rehabilitation before they can be considered fully healed from their ailments. Therefore, when a person decides that surgery is the best course of medical action for their health needs, it is likely that they have carefully weighed the benefits and risks of undergoing their procedure.

Important elements in a wrongful death claim

Many of the accidents that occur on Illinois roads result in damaged vehicles and injured victims. When those crashes are particularly serious, however, victims may suffer life-threatening harm. If they do not receive the right care in time, they may succumb to their injuries and lose their lives.

What are pedestrians' rights when they are hit by cars?

A collision between a person and a vehicle can be a dangerous and violent event. Any Illinois resident who is hurt in a vehicle-pedestrian accident should seek medical attention to ensure that they have not suffered any serious physical harm. Once they have taken precautions to protect their health, they may wish to investigate their rights to pursue compensation for the harm they suffered.

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