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Many hazards threaten the safety of construction workers

Not long ago, this Belleville-based personal injury blog posted an article on the dangers that scaffolds pose to men and women who work in the construction industry. While scaffolds are used to assist workers in reaching heights on the projects they must build, those scaffolds can fall or workers can fall from them when they are not secured to them.

In addition to scaffold accidents, there are a number of different hazards at construction sites that put workers' lives at risk.

Elimination of "greeter" jobs worries Walmart employees

One of the most recognizable ways that an Illinois resident may know that they have walked into Walmart and not another big box store is the presence of smiling, blue-vested greeters waiting inside the doors. Walmart greeters are a unique and pleasant institution in stores across the nation and are often beloved members of their greater communities. However, in the last few weeks, Walmart announced that it will be getting rid of the greeter positions in many of its stores.

Slip and fall claims during the winter

This year the nation has seen unprecedented amounts of snow and severe cold affect regions from coast to coast. Right here in the middle of the United States, Illinois residents have had to contend with frigid temperatures, heavy precipitation and howling winds. It has been a hard winter on individuals and a hard winter on the buildings and infrastructure that support those who live in Midwestern communities.

Paying attention to dogs' body language can avert attacks

Dogs certainly have a special place in many homes here in Illinois. Whether they are considered treasured family members in their own right or workers with important jobs to do, there is no doubt that dogs of all breeds play important roles in people's lives.

But that is not to say that owning a dog does not come with its own set of responsibilities that go far beyond their care and feeding. Owners must be held accountable when their canine companions lose control and bite someone.

The role of whistleblowers in the employment world

Parents expect their children to do the right thing. When faced with challenges and adversity, they expect their sons and daughters to rise to the occasions and find workable solutions that improve their situations and follow the rules. When a child disobeys and undertakes an action that is dangerous, disrespectful, or prohibited, an Illinois parent may intervene with swift action and a punishment to enforce their disapproval.

In the realm of the corporate world, businesses and other entities are also expected to follow the rules and do the right thing. That can mean anything from properly disposing of chemicals and other materials used in their production processes, following building codes and zoning laws, meeting consumer protection standards, and many others. Businesses and employers that do not follow such rules can be punished for their actions.

Personal injury claims can mean complex litigation

No one can prepare for the unexpected. An accident at work, a collision on the roads, or a botched medical procedure may leave an Illinois resident with pain, loss, and few answers. In their plight to get back to their normal life they may find that they are limited in what they can do. Also, they may not be capable of ever achieving the same level of health that they had prior to their incident. The damages that a person may experience from a personal injury accident can be extensive, pervasive and long-term.

When a person's losses are attributable to the actions or omissions of another individual, the victim may have the right to sue for the damages they lost. In order to sue, they must first prepare a pleading that lays out their claims. Any claims that they make should be supportable with factual evidence.

Ways that medical malpractice can impact victims' health

It is rarely fun to go to the doctor, but many Illinois residents see their regular and urgent medical visits as necessary to protect their health and improve their overall wellness. Doctors can often pinpoint ailments and effectively treat them, leaving their patients with improved quality of life and in better condition. However, as with all areas of life, incidents and accidents can occur in the medical field, and in some cases, patients pay the price for their doctors' medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical professional is negligent in the execution of their duties. As such, medical malpractice can happen in many different aspects of medicine. It may manifest as an erroneous or missed diagnosis, in which a patient is sent away without the proper treatment for their problem. It may occur during a patient's treatment for an identified illness, such as being given the wrong medications, the wrong dosages of medications, or given an ineffective treatment for their condition.

Sexual harassment is not just a problem for women

It is a not uncommon assumption that sexual harassment victims are always women. This fallacy lays in the common gender roles that women and men have assumed through history, where women traditionally held positions under or serving men who held more prestigious roles. Though stories of male victims of sexual harassment are not as ubiquitous as those of accounts from female victims, one famous male actor has taken it upon himself to tell his story of sexual harassment in his employment industry.

Terry Crews shared the story of being groped by a powerful Hollywood agent while attending an industry function. He has been criticized by some who claimed that he should have hit or made a scene regarding the other man's alleged actions against him. Some have claimed that a man like Crews, who is a large and African American, should not have allowed the action to take place.

Car accidents may leave victims with deadly, painless injuries

Anyone who has ever experienced a car accident without suffering serious injuries has probably felt a sense of relief. Of course, it is always good to avoid serious injury in a dangerous situation, but car accidents often cause real harm that victims cannot feel for hours or even days, which is dangerous in its own way.

Despite the many increases in safety technology, our bodies are simply not built to withstand the kind of impact that can occur in a traffic collision. Many car accident victims receive dangerous or even life-threatening injuries that do not receive proper treatment, because the victims never seek professional medical attention. Sometimes, feeling no pain from an injury is more dangerous than receiving a significant injury that is not painful.

Know your rights after a motorcycle accident

Like car accidents and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents happen regularly on Illinois roadways and cause victims to suffer serious personal injuries. A victim's recovery after a motorcycle crash can be long and painful, and during that time, they may be unable to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Their damages can, therefore, become great as they hope to heal from their trauma.

It is therefore important for motorcycle accident victims to understand what rights they have when they are hurt by the irresponsible driving actions of others. While they should always attend to their medical needs and make sure that they have received treatment for their injuries, they can also elect to work with personal injury attorneys to protect their legal options.

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