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Fired for reporting health and safety risks

Current conditions at nursing homes here in Illinois and elsewhere around the country make these facilities breeding grounds for deadly illnesses to spread to staff members and their families.

While present conditions make this situation more dire than ever, it actually is quite common for the lowest-paid workers in nursing homes to be at greatest risk for infection.

Is somebody liable for your slip-and-fall injuries?

Some people don't think of injuries that arise from slip-and-fall incidents to be that serious. While a twisted ankle or scraped knee may indeed be minor annoyances from which most can quickly recover, not all injuries from slip-and-falls are that superficial or easily resolved.

In fact, tripping, slipping and falling can cause victims to break bones, slip discs and require surgeries and extensive rehabilitative therapies. Some might suffer traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and never be the same as they were before their accidents. Below are some things for Belleville residents to understand about slip-and-fall injuries.

What are the signs you're being 'aged out' of your job?

If you're an older worker who is approaching retirement age, you may not be financially able to retire and still continue meeting your financial obligations. You want to continue working for as long as possible so that you can build up your retirement pension a bit more.

But, does your boss appear to have other ideas? You may be getting the impression that you are being aged right out the door of your company.

Product tampering can lead to consumer illnesses

In recent months, videos of shoppers opening, licking and returning products to supermarket shelves have gone viral. After an incident in another state where a shopper intentionally coughed all over meats, bakery items and fresh produce, the store owner was forced to dump groceries worth more than $35,000.

That store owner made the right decision after the contamination occurred. But, would all business owners be so responsible after an incident of food contamination? Some store owners may be more concerned with their store's bottom line than their customers' health.

Joe Biden's accuser faces doubts about story's timing

There have been recent claims of sexual assault by Joe Biden against one of his former senatorial staffers. As reported by The Washington Post, the timeline shows that his accuser's allegations have morphed and grown over time.

That can be problematic for the accuser, as typically when the story changes, it is more likely that all or some of it has been enhanced in the re-telling.

Spring motorcycle safety tips for Belleville riders

After a long winter, spring is finally emerging here in Belleville. That means that motorcycle enthusiasts will be taking to the highways and back roads for some much-needed wind therapy.

But if you are one who likes to de-stress on the open road, take a moment to consider the below safety tips that could make the difference between getting into a catastrophic wreck and dodging that bullet entirely.

  • Inspect your helmet. It may need to be replaced. Are there any cracks on the surface or tears to the interior? Many bikers replace their helmets every three to five years, as the material can weaken and even dry rot when it sits up for awhile.
  • Remain visible while riding. Black leather gear might make you look like a "cool" biker dude and can definitely protect you from road rash if you take a spill. But wearing dark-colored gear makes it harder for motorcyclists to see you. If you must wear your leathers, add a colorful accessory like your helmet or a pair of neon riding gloves.
  • Stay vigilant at all times. This means focusing on the road ahead and the motorists around you on the highway. But it also means to only ride when sober.
  • Ease into the riding season. Make your first ride this spring be a short one. That gives you a chance to reacquaint yourself with your motorcycle and note if there are any mechanical problems you need to check out.

Avoid dog bites by learning canine signs of aggression

Every year, thousands of dogs are euthanized after they have bitten children or adults. In many cases, both the dogs' deaths and the bites could have been avoided with canine training and increased knowledge of dog behavior.

The fact is that many dogs will try every way that they can to let humans know that they do not want to be handled, bothered or pet. Because they have no way to communicate verbally to humans, they typically communicate with body language to let people know that there is a problem before they ever bite. Below are some warning signs that a dog may bite.

Service animals and the Americans with Disabilities Act

You have a service dog to help you overcome limitations related to your disability. But you believe that your employer is trying to ease you out the door because you need the service animal to complete some or all of your job duties. What are your rights?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses, local and state government agencies and non-profit organizations providing services or goods to the public must make "reasonable modifications" to accommodate workers with disabilities. This also can include the use of a service dog in the workplace even in places that enforce "no pets" policies.

Were you affected by unlawful discrimination?

You have probably heard of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This federal agency was established to administer and enforce the civil rights laws that prohibit workplace discrimination.

As part of their duties, the agency files suit against companies that are accused of using discriminatory practices in their hiring, promotions and firing of employees. Below are some of their recent legal actions against American companies.

  • Settlement against Dollar General
  • Settlement against United Parcel Service (UPS) for discriminating against workers and applicants regarding their religious beliefs that conflict against the company's appearance policies
  • Settlement against Bass Pro for not hiring Hispanics and African-Americans
  • Settlement against Lowe's for firing workers for taking excessive leave of absence
  • Settlement against the USPS for disability discrimination against federal workers in permanent rehabilitation positions
  • Ongoing litigation against Performance Food Group for not hiring women at one of their distribution facilities.

Allow us to help you file a claim for damages

After an accident with injuries, you could have a long recovery back to your former good health status. Your recuperation could include physical and occupational therapies for weeks or months that are designed to build your strength and dexterity back up.

But one thing is for sure — those medical bills sure do add up fast. Even people who have good insurance plans can wind up going into the hole with co-pays and deductibles. It is enough to cause a serious setback to your formerly rosy financial picture.

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