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What is workplace harassment?

Workplace harassment can jeopardize a worker's well-being and career. Sexual and non-sexual harassment also violates federal and Illinois employment law and can lead to legal action.

Workplace sexual harassment is the most reported type of harassment. It is a type of discrimination involving uninvited comments, conduct or behavior concerning sex, gender or sexual orientation that creates a hostile work environment.

When medical care leaves victims with losses

It is not uncommon for individuals to trust the men and women who provide them with medical care. Throughout Illinois, residents seek out doctors and other medical care providers who they like and with whom they can work to protect their health. Most people have the option of changing doctors if they are unsatisfied with the care they receive, and therefore it is not often the case that individuals are tied to providers that they do not trust.

However, even when a person has confidence in their doctor, problems can arise. Whether their doctor fails to diagnose their serious condition, commits a medical mistake while undertaking a procedure, or erroneously offers them a treatment they do not need, a person can suffer serious harm when medical professionals commit malpractice.

What is quid pro quo sexual harassment in the workplace?

Vulgar jokes, inappropriate comments, and unwanted physical contact have no place in American work environments. In fact, laws protect men and women from sexual harassment from their co-workers, bosses, and other work associates.

In Illinois, a worker who is subjected to these and other forms of sexual harassment may have rights to seek damages based on the creation of a hostile work environment at their place of employment.

Dog attacks can inflict serious injuries on victims

The domestic dogs that many Illinois residents keep are often considered members of their respective families. Most individuals cannot imagine life without their four-legged friends, and those who do have dogs may go out of their way to include their dogs in their daily lives. Well-trained and controlled dogs can enrich the lives of those who love them, but when dog owners fail to take responsibility for the actions and behaviors that their canine companions' exhibit, devastating attacks can result in serious injuries.

Dog bites can cause abrasions, lacerations and bleeding. Depending on where on the victim's body a bite occurs, that victim may suffer muscle and organ damage, as well as broken bones. In cases of vicious attacks, victims can suffer shock from blood loss, significant pain and suffering and even death.

How would you react while driving in tornadic conditions?

Spring weather in the Midwest could test the patience of the biblical Job. One day, kids are out cavorting in the sunshine in shorts and T-shirts and the next, they're bundled back up again in mittens and snow boots.

But by far the most destructive spring weather patterns in the Midwest are tornadoes. While spring storms can develop quickly, technological advances in the field of meteorology allow weather forecasters to predict with great accuracy when conditions are prime for severe storm activity in the area.

What does it mean to drive while distracted?

Any Illinois resident who has tried to multi-task may be aware that it can be next to impossible to give two objects equal and sufficient attention.

For example, when a parent chooses to work from home and provide care for their child, they may find that they struggle to focus on their child's needs when their boss is asking them for important information.

Medical mistakes can mean major problems for victims

Receiving a damaging diagnosis can be traumatic for anyone. If an Illinois resident is told that they have a serious condition like cancer, they may feel a flood of emotions as they work to deal with their new reality. Because of the seriousness of their condition and its potential to jeopardize their future, they may put their trust in their doctors to help them regain their health.

Recently a story made the national news regarding a Midwestern man who had his prostate removed because his doctors told him that he had cancer. In reality, though, the man did not have cancer, but samples of his tissue were mixed up with samples of another person who did have prostate cancer. Since undergoing an unnecessary surgery, the man has suffered painful and embarrassing symptoms that have impacted his relationship with his wife and the rest of his family.

What is sex discrimination?

Discrimination takes on many forms and can violate different laws based on how individuals choose to treat each other. At the federal level as well as within the state of Illinois, it is illegal to discriminate against individuals based upon their being part of specific classes or groups. One of those classes is sex.

Sex discrimination in the workplace can occur when a person is denied an employment opportunity because of their sex. This can include being hired, promoted, given improved compensation or benefits, or other actions that are extended to others. Sex discrimination can also include limiting the type of work that members of a particular sex can do, denying them access to tools or opportunities given to others and many other adverse employment actions.

Legal support after a wrongful death

Injuries happen every day. Illinois residents may be accident-prone and may inflict harm upon themselves through clumsiness and inattention. They may also suffer injuries and losses when the negligence and recklessness of others impacts them and subjects them to suffering.

The losses that a victim sustains due to another person's wrongful actions may be compensable through personal injury litigation. A victim may sue to recover their damages, which can include their medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Distracted driving studies focus on cellphone interactions

Most drivers will acknowledge that cellphone usage behind the wheel can be very unsafe, even when hands-free units are being used in conversations. Certainly the campaign to ditch texting while driving has made drivers aware of the dangers.

But that doesn't mean that the relationship between drivers and smartphone usage is entirely clear. To date, there has been relatively little research into the different types of smartphone engagement with crash data after collisions involving injuries and deaths.

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